Lea (PC, & Facetracking ) 𓆩♡𓆪

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Lea (PC) 𓆩♡𓆪

by MoonBunnies

This model comes with a fully customizable SPP file (as per the Kiggy base's TOS you must verify your purchase of the original base in a ticket in our server) and Face tracking <3

The full version can be gotten in our server in a ticket!

「 $42 𝓤𝓢𝓓 」

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╰ ⁀➷ 。゚・Features · · · ·

Face tracking
Multiple Outfits / Accessories
Toe & Tail Controls
SFW Model Version (Full avatar with all the goodies in server just send a ticket in server :))
Texture Customization (Rave Mode, Eyelash Hearts, Eye Texture Swap)
Hue sliders ..[Eyes, Hair]
Shape Sliders
Interactions ..[Tail pull, ear pull, nose boops, headpats]
Extras ..[Money gun, Water Springjoints, Finger Trails]
Audio Link ..[Body and clothes]
Substance FIle (only if you own the base kiggy!)

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⁠୨୧ ・Needed for upload

꒱︰VRChat Creator Companion

꒱︰Poiyomi Toon Shader [8.1.167]


꒱︰Jerry's face-tracking template (only if you are using the face tracking version)

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╰ ⁀➷ 。゚・Credits · · · ·

Base: Darbi (edits by Maggotz & Snowie, not for reuse!), Textures: Chill & Snowie (not for reuse!), Main Hair: Velvet, Ponytail: Sleepy, Harness/Leash: Zinpia, Bodysuit: Tilly, Cargos: vinuzhka, Piercings: ~Raphael~ Gloves: renipuff, Water Bending / Money Gun: GM, Icons: Awmi, SPS Setup: Wholesomevr, Eyelash Alphas: sivka, Face Tracking referenced from Adjerry91, Leg Warmers: Meowmi redone by Maggotz for our base edit, Tail made from scratch by Max, Horns / Socks / Sleeves made from scratch by Maggotz, Ram art on shirt by Caligar, Follower: Beartrap, Cat Hoodie wen, Crop Hoodie ultrahighgloss

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  • You are not allowed to claim our models as yours in any way (even after heavy edits) and our unity packages, edits, textures, and avatars are not to be used in your commercial projects (Excluding making textures to sell for lea or assets).
  • Do not asset mine anything at all from our avatars. We have included credits so that you can buy assets for personal use on other models if you like them! Our base edits and any asset used are only to be used in the avatar package you've purchased.
  • We do not accept any refunds as these are digital products and cannot be returned.
  • If you are about to rate an avatar of ours 1-3 stars we would love to work with you to fix whatever issues you are having with it in our discord
  • We will not be held responsible for avatar-breaking updates from VRChat.
  • You can not share this avatar with anybody under any circumstance. If you want to commission somebody to edit the avatar for you they need to have bought the avatar as well! If you needing help with uploading please create a ticket in our server and we will upload it for you! (SFW uploads only)
  • Our avatars are made exclusively for VRChat. Any use on any other social VR platform will not be supported by our team, although you are free to convert the avatar for personal use and personal uploads only on other platforms if you wish.
  • You can use our avatars on social media with credit, which consists of a link to the avatar / or store page / or the name of the shop (MoonBunnies) . . If people ask about your avatar please do not gatekeep
  • You can not use our avatars for the slander of any groups or religions, and they are not to be made into or associated with NFTs in any form.
  • Our avatars can not be used in video game projects due to the nature of it containing multiple different assets from different artists.
  • By purchasing an avatar from us you agree to all of our terms. These terms of use are subject to change or revision. If you continue to use the avatar after any changes are made, you are deemed to agree to the changed or revised terms.

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Lea (PC, Facetracking ) 𓆩♡𓆪

Substance painter file
Available in Server upon verification of buying the original Kiggy Base
Face tracking
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Lea (PC, & Facetracking ) 𓆩♡𓆪

39 ratings
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